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Ovarian Cancer: The Silent Killer

By Cindy Lobert In its early stages, ovarian cancer is often asymptomatic. It isn’t until the disease progresses that many women experience signs that something isn’t quite right. Some women never ...
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Using Pepper Spray for Personal Protection

by Greg Fox Pepper spray is an efficient self-defense companion for single women, the elderly, the threatened or anyone who is exposed and vulnerable.   It is a compound made ...
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Branson Brings It

By Cindy Lobert Branson, Missouri is known for its senior-friendly attractions, stunning scenery and many theaters. In fact, Branson is nicknamed the “Live Music Show Capital of the World.” And it’s quickly ...
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Long Distance Grandparenting

By Patricia Danflous Remember when you could start a conversation with the grandparent generation by asking, “how many grandchildren do you have?”   That’s not the question these days.  Breaking ...
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Fabulous Freebies for 50+

By Cindy Lobert As we age, so does our bank account. Retirement incomes often require some financial belt tightening, but you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life. Most ...
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