Prevent Heatstroke

By Becky Rolland Seniors are prone to heat-related illness for three reasons:  Their bodies do not adjust well to sudden ...
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Jin Shin Jyutsu: The Art of Getting to Know Yourself

By Tami Charbonnet In the early 1900′s Jiro Murai, a Japanese philosopher, revived the ancient Japanese practice of Jin Shin ...
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Canton Ranch: Aims to Inspire Healthy Living

Canyon Ranch Health Resort originated directly from the experience of founder Mel Zuckerman, who – overweight, sedentary and desperate – ...
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Happy Global Running Day!

Today is Global Running Day! If you're able to take part, get out there and have some fun! ...
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The Sustainable Garden: Grow Your Own Food Using Kitchen Scraps

By Michelle Fouchi Esneault The price of produce rises each year.  Do your wallet and the Earth a favor by ...
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