Using Pepper Spray for Personal Protection

Pepper spray is produced in varying strengths and container sizes.

by Greg Fox

Pepper spray is an efficient self-defense companion for single women, the elderly, the threatened or anyone who is exposed and vulnerable.   It is a compound made from Oleoresin of Capsicum (OC), an active element of chili peppers.  When combined with water and pressurized, the mixture can be sprayed directly on a threatening target.

It is very effective, providing defense in menacing situations from distances up to 15 feet.  Acting immediately, the spray causes an intense burning feeling in the assailant.  When sprayed in the face, eyes close and breathing is impaired.  The attacker becomes disoriented and loses coordination.  The effects are debilitating but not lethal and wear off after 2-3 hours.

Pepper spray comes in convenient containers that    can easily be carried in a purse or attached to a keychain.  It is legal in all states, although there may be restrictions on the containersí size and the productís strength.

5 Tips On Effective Use Of Pepper Spray

  • Be Ready
    Keep your pepper spray canister close at hand when youíre in menacing situations.  It will do you no good if itís buried at the bottom of your purse.
  • Be Fully Charged
    Be sure the canister has enough shots to protect you.  Running out of spray in the midst of a confrontation would be unfortunate.
  • Hold Tight  
    Keep a secure grip on the canister.  Hold it with your fingers wrapped around the barrel and use your thumb to activate the trigger.
  • Aim for the Face  
    Pepper spray causes the greatest incapacitating effects on the eyes and lungs.
  • Rehearse
    Practice retrieving, holding, aiming and spraying before youíre in danger.  The more preparation you have, the more automatic will be your response in threatening situations.