Celebrate Your 100th Birthday

By Patricia Danflous

Forget about looking for the Fountain of Youth or the magical drink that promises you will live to be 100 or more. Wait – if that search means you will start taking long walks, snacking on fruits and vegetables and taking time to stretch your muscles, you could be on the right path!

Exercise, stretching, and healthy eating are essentials to living longer, productive lives. According to nutritionist and fitness specialist Kirk Vidrine, “there are not a lot of super secrets about living to be 100, but you may be surprised about what we have learned about living longer.”

“Living a long life is dictated 10 percent by genetics and 90 percent by lifestyles,î Vidrine says. ìThe goal is not just about achieving a high number of years, it is about living better. Why live longer and be miserable in pain when it is possible to enjoy your retirement and golden years in a better way?”

The reality is no matter how hard you try, you are not necessarily going to make it to 100. In fact, only one in 5,000 in this country live to 100. But the good news is, after age 65 women have an average of 20.3 and men have an average of 17.6 years of life remaining. This means there is plenty enough time to add physical activities and make the dietary changes that will affect your quality of life.