Rice Cooker Versatility

Remember that rice cooker you purchased a few years ago?  Take it out and start cooking.  Not only do rice cookers deliver the just-right texture and taste for rice-based dishes, but they also have diverse uses.

Soup, cakes, porridge, quinoa, pasta and meat dishes are among the many meals that begin in a rice cooker.  Use your imagination to create your own dishes, or follow an increasing number of recipes posted on the Internet.

Start by steaming vegetables.  Your rice cooker probably came with a steamer basket; if not, you should be able to find an accessory to fit your model.  Keep the cover on – don’t forget to add water – and check the progress every now and then.  After a couple of tries, you will know how long it takes to cook vegetables to your desired texture.

Check out the manual that came with your cooker.  Chances are you will find recipes and suggestions for using it to its full potential.

Your cooker is also a great alternative to the microwave.  Your leftovers will taste better with slow and thorough cooking.

By Patricia Danflous

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