5 Ways to Save on Medical Costs

Are you sure you are getting extra for paying extra? Some health products claim they provide added benefits for older people however the only difference is price. Remember to check labels and compare ingredients.

5 other ways to save:

  1. Check Your Drugs. Most of us see different doctors for different medical reasons. Bring all your medications with you to your next primary care doctor’s appointment to make sure you need them all.
  2. Visit the Drug Company’s Website. There may be a coupon or discount card available for brand-name drugs you take regularly.
  3. Check Part D. “Preferred pharmacies” that offer reduced co-payments are listed under Part D of your insurance plan.
  4. Go to GoodRx.com. Put in the name of your prescription and the website reveals where to find it, how much it cost and if there are discounts available.
  5. Shop at Warehouse Clubs. Costo and Sam’s Club offer great savings on drugs and allow nonmembers to use their pharmacies.